Certified consultants and training program design

Unless you make sure that your users know how to use the application in the most effective way, you won’t achieve full return on your investment.

Our training consultants are experienced in developing customised, client-branded, collaborative learning solutions for organisations with workstreams such as Production Planning, Material Management, Financials, Sales and Distribution, Projects, Plant Maintenance and more.

A good training landscape is an essential part of the SAP environment and provides a vital service:

Our consultants are experienced professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the ERP field. With over 10 years of providing end-user training in multiple languages. 

Whether you need to put together a team, introduce training experts into your existing one, or develop a customized training plan, we can help you achieve your goals successfully.

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End user training program design

"Leadership is realizing that a great system and processes without proper training will jeopardize the investment and lead to the “old” way of doing business. Particularly when upgrading from ECC to S/4HANA, the shift in functionality and user experiences requires a comprehensive focus on effective training."